Monthly Archives: August 2013


PHPDNS, the open source direct DNS query API for PHP, now has its development source code hosted on

Packaged releases (and release source code versions) will continue to be distributed directly from the PHPDNS web site.

The source code management (SCM) repository for development code can be found at:

All Purplepixie projects hosted on github can be found at:

C/C++ CGI File Upload

A long time ago when I still had (some) hair and hadn’t bitten the PHP bullet I played around with C++ CGIs. Owing to a lack of then available HOW-TO docs I went on to write a (badly written and error-filled) CGI in C/C++ HOW-TO and also a CGI Variable Wrapper. The HOW-TO did what it said on the tin and the wrapper provided an easy API to read/write GET and POST variables as well as cookies.

Surprisingly both the HOW-TO and the wrapper are still in use and I get contacted form time to time with queries. The most common query regards file upload which the wrapper doesn’t support. To illustrate a simple file upload I cobbled together a quick and dirty C example which I’ve provided via email ever since.

So here, for general reference, is my demonstration C code. Please note this is very untested and unrobust, even dodgier than my usual fare. I keep meddling with the idea of finding time to do a proper job either of a standalone file upload API or integrating support into the CGI wrapper. All of this is really just for kicks though as there are better solutions available.


Forum Enabled for New Registrations

A while back I was forced to disable registrations to the Purplepixie Support Forum thanks to a massive quantity of spam, most of which was of a very unseemly nature (very very unseemly).

Following an update to the Purplepixie Forum phpBB and enabling of reCAPTCHA I’ve now re-enabled user registration.

Apologies to anyone who’s had difficulty getting support and had to end up emailing me directly, but I hope the new changes will allow the forum to operate from now on.