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FreeNATS Network Monitor

FreeNATS on Github

After promises dating back many years and a couple of false starts the FreeNATS development codebase is now fully hosted on (purplepixie/freenats)!

This will, unlike previous code releases, be the active base for development and includes the new updated build/release system as well.

The new build system has been used to build 1.15.0a which has been pushed out as the current development version (it shouldn’t change anything at all otherwise).

Find FreeNATS on github at:

Containerised FreeNATS

For a trial to see if there’s a demand for a pre-packaged container of FreeNATS a pre-alpha release of a docker container has been released.

The image can be found on the docker hub (purplepixie/freenats) and the project on github (purplepixie/docker-freenats).

Links and details are available on the FreeNATS Docker wiki page, feedback welcome.


FreeNATS new virtual appliance trial

Only a mere six years in the planning and five since the release of a corrupted version, a new FreeNATS virtual appliance is available as a trial.

The new VM (Version 6 Alpha Release Candidate One, 6a RC1) is based on the Turnkey LAMP appliance which is built on Debian LTS.

At the moment this is very much a trial so don’t replace your current VM for production use. All feedback is much appreciated, particularly including use in non-VMWare Player environments e.g. ESX, Virtual Box, Hyper-V etc etc which, fingers crossed, it should import into ok.

So any feedback at all, even just a: worked fine on X version Y would be marvellous.

The URL for the wiki page on the trial including a download link is:

Good luck!