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FreeNATS new virtual appliance trial

Only a mere six years in the planning and five since the release of a corrupted version, a new FreeNATS virtual appliance is available as a trial.

The new VM (Version 6 Alpha Release Candidate One, 6a RC1) is based on the Turnkey LAMP appliance which is built on Debian LTS.

At the moment this is very much a trial so don’t replace your current VM for production use. All feedback is much appreciated, particularly including use in non-VMWare Player environments e.g. ESX, Virtual Box, Hyper-V etc etc which, fingers crossed, it should import into ok.

So any feedback at all, even just a: worked fine on X version Y would be marvellous.

The URL for the wiki page on the trial including a download link is:http://www.purplepixie.org/freenats/wiki/Virtual_Appliance_6_Trial.

Good luck!